Winery + Picnic + Friends

My love for wine is unquestionable, so you can envision how wineries make me feel. I haven't gone to many wineries but plan to visit more this summer and share with you all my favorites.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to The Winery at Bull Run and loved it! It has beautiful outdoor area to enjoy wine and allows guest to bring outdoor food. So just wanted to share some of wine tastings and my picnic basket tips.

If the winery allow guest to bring outside food take advantage and pack a variety of food to snack on. I packed some orzo pasta – which was a huge hit and easy to do, cucumber sandwiches, bruschetta’s, and grapes. My friends contributed with a veggies tray, cheeses, salami & prosciutto. We also packed some water in a cooler to hydrate after.

We tried 2 different bottles of white wine - Peach Fruit and Delaney. When I tasted Peach Fruit a wonderful fresh peach aroma went through my nose but it was too sweet for my taste. My girlfriends on the other hand loved it. My favorite was the Delaney Virginia white wine! It has a subtle peach taste, semi-dry. I loved it so much that I even purchased 2 bottles to take home.

It was the perfect day even if it rained on us for 5 minutes lol. I'm excited to try other wineries so if you have any favorites please share them with me!




The Winery at Bull Run


Photographed by: Tiffanny Gallo



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